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“My heart is open and I trust my inner guidance”

“My mind is open and I willingly allow its expansion by listening to, and trusting, my inner tuition (intuition) and heart felt-guidance”.

When you think and verbalise these words regularly, with sincerity, intent and a genuine feeling connection to them, they will, over time, transform your life for the better. Your mind will become convinced that you mean it. They are most effective when practicing them during meditation and when you know your mind and body are completely relaxed.

Our western civilization has been trained to use our analytical mind to live our lives, to the detriment of heart intelligence and intuition. The affirmations, I offer, when worked with as above, will help bring balance to the right and left hemispheres of your brain, and also awaken your heart’s intelligence.

It’s important to understand that emotional reactions come from personal egotism and not from our Higher Mind and that there is a distinction between emotional reactive heart feelings and those based on divine love. 


These exercises will correlate to the astrological signs and be applicable if you work with astrology or not.

Ashtara’s Inner Mechanics Course

Are happiness, fulfilment, prosperity, success and love regular ingredients in your life?

If not, would you like them to be?  Dedication, daily care, attention to detail and a positive approach is needed to ensure they are - in every external area of life, whether it is in relationships, career, profession, business, sport or finances. So it is with our mind/body/spirit internal life.

Our body is the life vehicle for our soul, mind and spirit so it makes sense to give it love and care by being constantly vigilant to its needs. Just like our car it needs regular fuel,‘tune-ups’, oil changes and repair.

The exercise offered need to be practiced every day to ensure happiness, fulfilment and success in your inner life. A well-nourished inner life leads to external success.Why not embark on your own experiment – to prove to yourself that Ashtara’s Inner Mechanics Course works? What have you got to lose?

It is Ashtara’s intention that you use these exercises before the New or Full Moon. She will offer a new free exercise until all twelve zodiac signs have been covered. Each holistic exercise includes a:

  • Meditation
  • Affirmation
  • Spiritual process
  • Creative visualization
  • Breathing process and
  • Physical activity

The Internet is the vehicle that circulates global information daily and almost instantly. It is symbolic for our thoughts that instantly circulate information to all parts of our body. The content and quality of thought either uplifts or deflates our soul, spirit and body, setting the tone for our daily experiences.

When breath and thought are consciously aligned with positive spiritual images ‘magic’ can occur that uplifts our spirit and soul. Holistic connections, leading to optimum health, result.


This exercise is best done sitting with spine erect but you can practice it lying in bed.

Every morning upon awakening become aware of your breath. Notice how it causes a part of your body to rise and fall. Stay relaxed and detached as you watch this natural process. Then breathe through your nose slowly and deliberately to a count of four, pause, and then slowly breathe out through your nose to another count of four. Do this with full concentration – for a few minutes. If any thoughts enter your mind watch them move through, and return to the breathing practice. Then imagine being immersed under a bright spotlight that has as its origin the Source of Divine Light. This energy is your spiritual fuel and is needed to fire your mind and body into acting confidently on whatever needs to be done this day. Breathe in this energy and imagine it entering through your crown, descending and spreading into each cell of your body. Sense and see this spiritualizing light infuse your inner space, seeping through your body into its surrounding energy field where it joins with the already enveloping white light. You may imagine this surrounding light as angelic.

Repeat the following affirmation in your mind seven times while in this meditative state and then continue repeating it throughout the day. Repeat this process each day for seven days. This will ensure a reprogramming of your subconscious mind.

I patiently and calmly pursue my heart-felt motivations and soul’s desires by exercising self-belief, confidence, independence and self-assertion.

Return to observing your breathing then notice how your body is feeling. Fill up your heart with gratitude for the gift of life. Generate, and express mentally, a feeling sense of gratitude for your natural talents, home, friends and family and intend to create a happy and fulfilling day. And then, with joy and gratitude in your heart, begin your day.

For the following seven days use the affirmation below in the same manner.

I willingly observe and confront my inner demons feeding them love, acceptance, understanding and consideration.

With this affirmation intend to heal the little child part of you that was wounded.

Repeat this exercise everyday on awakening and each night before going to sleep. It will infuse your mind with positive intent that will feed nourishing food to your body and soul.  As each day passes notice the positive effects of the practice and expect more of them.


Enter the meditative state described above and, when your mind is still and calm, telepathically communicate the following affirming words to your Higher Self ( or Soul- or God/Goddess Self) until you feel a connection and resonance with the words. The more you can feel and see/sense the words having an internal effect the more quickly the thought will be integrated.  

I affirm that every day in every way the Source of Light within (God/Goddess)
prospers me with abundance and financial freedom.    

Repeat this exercise every morning and evening, and many times during the day,
until your mind accepts the idea, and has a deep and powerful understanding of the connection between thought and manifestation. Be completely detached from how this affirmation will manifest and make sure you continue with positive thoughts and feelings every day. Express sincere gratitude for every small sign of abundance that enters your life. This will ensure even greater abundance in the future.


Enter the meditative state described above and, when your mind is still and calm, telepathically communicate the following affirming words to your Higher Mind until you sense a connection and resonance with the words.

“I take charge of my mind this day by choosing to think only positive and uplifting thoughts.”

Repeat this exercise every morning and evening, and many times during the day until your mind accepts the idea. Make sure you continue with affirming positive thoughts every day because this regular practice is part of mind training that enables positive life outcomes. The energy created through continually mentally affirming positive thoughts touches those around you and leads to win/win situations. 


“I now commit to self-nourishment and self-care and nurture my soul’s yearning to belong and “make home” within myself”.

Leo Affirmation

I now open my heart to allow my creative juices to flow to full capacity, and to experience love as never before. 


I commit to healing my inner imperfections so I can become a clear channel for higher frequencies of love and light to move through me.


I now seek union between my inner feminine and masculine energies to enable internal balance, harmony and grace. 


I now commit to self-mastery through personal empowerment knowing it is my soul’s destiny to do so.


I seek truth and soul purpose through intuition and awareness of nature and my body’s inherent wisdom.


Aligning with my Higher Self through my heart, mind and body I now commit to the attainment of my soul’s purpose for incarnation.

Healing Meditations

Some of the meditations will also correlate with astrology, especially Full Moon meditations. You do not need to understand astrology for them to be effective.