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Dear friends,

I invite you to journey with me into the higher spiritual mysteries of rightful use of energy and high alchemy teachings of:


A series of 2014 monthly weekend retreat workshops for dedicated light workers facilitated by Ashtara

“Mummy, mummy I’m hurting, please help me,” cried my ninety-six year old mother adrift in a sea of pain five days before she peacefully passed into the realms of light. Her soul was calling for the comforting embrace of the Divine Mother and the longing for this embrace is within every human heart. For too long her voice has been suppressed. The Sacred Feminine is the source of the highest and most subtle wisdom and it is by acknowledging and demonstrating her that conflicts can be resolved.

Many children are being born with an advanced consciousness and high emotional intelligence and they cry out, in vain, for spiritual guidance, understanding and wisdom. They remember the higher dimensions of divine light, love and truth yet who can help them navigate this earthly 3D realm? Humanity is facing unprecedented global change and massive transformation of consciousness is needed to enable a peaceful outcome. This process requires that masculine and feminine energies come into balance to enable the birthing of a new androgynous human race.

My teaching is offered to facilitate this process and my credentials for doing do so are based on current life spiritual, astrological and metaphysical training that led to my spiritual Ascension; and previous life initiatory training in ancient mystery schools, both celestial and terrestrial. I gladly serve as a catalyst, mid-wife and paradigm buster. My training programme, a homecoming of remembrance, is available to courageous and committed spiritual initiates, light-workers willing to move into self-mastery through the embodiment of greater light and divine love.

The programme consists of modules that enable ascending levels of self-mastery. This process will equip participants to pass on the practices and understanding to their children so enabling the easier birthing of the new race of peace-loving enlightened humans – the Sacred Androgeny.

Each module needs to be worked through to complete the training. The teaching commences early 2014 in South East Queensland, Australia. Will you join me?

Visit my website www.ashtara.com for more detailed information and email me to apply.  star@ashtara.com


Much love and many blessings,