One of my fondest memories of early childhood was listening to my Dad’s infrequent, and spontaneously made-up, bed-time stories. He used to be perplexed when he found me curled up in a big chair in the icy cold lounge room reading the bible, and often asked me what I was seeking. I couldn’t give him an answer. I used to play outside in the garden at being a teacher of Jesus’ true teachings but I couldn’t find them in the bible, so was confused. I was only seven years old and searching for truth then, but didn’t know it.

For twenty-four years I believed I would find answers in the Church but this wasn’t so. Life had other plans. Another twenty-four years passed where I focused on business and family pursuits. And then my quest for truth resurrected, and wouldn’t go away. But I couldn’t find it outside myself. Spirituality, metaphysics and astrology found me, and I felt I had ‘come home’. I somehow knew that truth would be revealed.

I became passionate about my daily study and applied to myself all I read and was taught, using myself as a guinea pig. I reasoned it would only be then that I would know truth. I also began to practice meditation and this became a regular daily experience. However it was not until I went to school to study astrology formally that I began to have the experiences written about in I Am An Experiment.

Astrology, spirituality and metaphysics became my life, and truth gradually unveiled itself. There is still more to be revealed and I believe the sequel to I Am An Experiment will unveil something of greater magnitude. Although, when young, I had a desire to become a teacher I never had the educational opportunity to do so, nor did I have a defined goal to follow a particular career direction.However the career roles of wife, mother, grandmother, businesswoman, astrologer, teacher and writer emerged. I love the way life unfolds and I know I have many mysteries still to uncover. I’ll continue writing and teaching because I can’t imagine ever retiring.

Ashtara – March 2013