Revealing Truth – An Alternate View of Human Existence

“Through all-seeing Mind, I myself have been the witness of the invisible things of Heaven, and through contemplation come to the knowledge of the Truth. This knowing I have set down in these writing....”
(attributed to Hermes/Thoth)

Truth is often stranger than fiction.I Am An Experiment is a true, unique and universal story. In it Ashtara shares her life transforming experiences of multi-dimensional space travel and interactions with, and training by, celestial and extra-terrestrial light beings. Journal entries written between the years 1993 to 2000 formed the foundation for her story.

Space Travel
Remote Viewing
Spiritual teachings
Scientific Experiments
Frequency modulation
DNA modification
Astrology, cosmology and symbolism

All this and more ……

“I read your wonderful, amazing, inspiring, courageous and healing book and then had to immediately read it again. I Am An Experiment deserves to be read several times because it has so much substance, experience, depth and meaning in it”.  ZivaZavadil

Ashtara's real life adventure story shows that life itself can often be stranger than fiction. If one reads this book with an open and non-judgmental mind then it has the ability to open doorways into a new reality that can offer an alternate explanation into the purpose of human existence. Ashtara has shown incredible bravery by sharing this inner journey with a world that describes all that is not seen by the eye as fantasy. By doing so her story will become a lifeboat to many who have experienced similar inner realities and who have suffered torment when speaking of it to others …….”.Lyndall White

I Am An Experiment – An Extraordinary Spiritual Adventure

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